By Barry Dorshimer

For 3 years, Barry Dorshimer drove a 40-foot, 31,000-pound, 78-passenger, yellow stretched limousine- mostly it was called a school bus for the Whitehall-Coplay School District, in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. He also drove school bus for Whitehall Township's Camp Whitehall summer program.

Several years and 11 awards from the National Safety Council later, he shares SCHOOL BUS WISDOM- gems of advice that both first time and seasoned bus driver can use to keep their attitude, skills and interaction with students positive, professional and sharp.

Enlightening and unique, this is an excellent reference guide for schools, parents and drivers who want to ensure safety on the road!


Ex-Bus Driver Shares 'School Bus Wisdom' in Newly Released Book per SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION NEWS (STN)

"I think your book looks terrific.  I really like the bus illustration, it has a very friendly feel to it. All n' all it looks great, nice job."
Bob Auer, inventor

"I think your book would be great for both new and veteran school bus drivers. I also think it is relevant to people who are responsible for transport of seniors, disabled and handicapped, shuttle drivers and anyone else involved in the mass transportation industry. I hope that the current budget crisis of so many school districts doesn't keep this training from being purchased. I had already looked through the contents before and I think it is relevant, a common sense approach to tackling a problem that many administrators ignore. Good Luck with it."
Daniel Spang
Retired Major from the Pennsylvania State Police

"Damn good- love the illustration work- nice job"
Rachel C. Thompson
Author and Mentor for new authors at Seminars at the Northampton Public Library

"Wow, I saw your book advertised somewhere maybe the STN website or NYAPT about 4:00 in the morning while drinking my tea and checking my mail. Kind of on a whim I immediately ordered a copy. I bet I had not looked at 10 pages and said out loud WOW this is nice. After spending some time thumbing through it I almost feel it should be a standard training manual. So much common sense and a few thought provoking messages throughout. Great job!"
Roger Dedrick

"I would like to thank you for dropping off the copy of your book.  It was a pleasure to see how creative you were in developing the concept of helpful hints for school bus drivers.  You did a wonderful job conveying the information in such an attractive as well as humorous way to impress the reader.  Your comments are very thought provoking!  I took the book to a District Office meeting and shared it with others.  Thank you for sharing your accomplishment with me.  I wish you much success in your publishing endeavor and I hope you sell many copies." 
Dr. Mary FeKula
Principal of Gockley Elementary School
Whitehall-Coplay School District
 Whitehall, PA.

"I finished reading your book.  Without doing a real count, I had about forty (40) times where I said, "I haven't thought of that." When it comes to "Safety", I almost feel like a hypocrite - toward the end I felt it was becoming too repetitive; yet I have also heard myself telling everyone that Safety is the most important task of the driver." 

"I enjoyed the book. I agree - it is the only book I've seen addressing the non-driving aspects of school bus activities. You have brought out the student management elements that can be learned - but preferably not through the school of hard knocks. Because of your book, a new driver has the opportunity to gain without the pain. Thank you for allowing us to have a copy of your book." 
Jim Parks
Auxiliary Services
Gaston County School District
South Carolina

"I'm glad to see that you are doing good things with your talent. The world needs more people like you. You're doing the most important thing you can, sharing knowledge to help others. Keep up the good work. I know you put your heart in writing this book."
John Edwards
retired Mechanical Foreman for PPL Electric Utilities Corporation

"Just received your great book and want to congratulate you on it. My wife, Jean thought it looked most professional, especially that front cover."  
Art Fettig
Author, Safety and Motivational Speaker
Hillsborough, North Carolina

"Your book is good." 
Robert Compton
retired writer for PPL Corporation
Corporate Communications

"It does look cool.  Nice write-up too."
Roy Alexander
retired Scientist for PPL Electric Utilities Corporation
Owner of RWA Engineering, LLC in the Pittsburgh area

"Enjoying your book... think you might have something good here. Wish you the best with it.  I feel every school bus driver should read this and it should be mandatory."
Kathy and Ralph Dorshimer
Sister-in-law and brother
Nazareth, PA.

"Looks great - you are talented."
Frank Kovacs
retired Principal of Northampton High School
Northampton, PA

I knew you could do it! I just ordered a copy! Awesome....I'm gonna take it into the school bus garage and show it off! Way to go!!!!!!
Karen Wilt
current school bus driver at Whitehall-Coplay School District
Whitehall, PA. 

"Ray Fernandez forwarded your very creative school bus book to me. I must say, I am very impressed indeed with your skills. Enjoyed viewing it. Sorry to hear of the vision problem. But appears like you still have vision which is most important. Anyway, hope this finds you well and enjoying retirement."
Gary Saeger
retired from PPL Electric Utilities Corporation

KathySue Tschudy
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
Northern Lehigh School District
Slatington, PA

"I'm a fifth grade student at Whitehall-Coplay School District. I just wanted to say Congratulations on writing the book called, "School Bus Wisdom." I read the book and I thought it was a hit! This made me think about how important bus drivers are to the school districts around the area. School busses are the main way students get to and from school. I think bus drivers are one of the most important people in the world who have a big responsibility to keep people safe. I keep hearing about all these school bus crashes involving students around my age. It is always sad to hear if somebody got hurt and now it feels like they are happening every three weeks! Your book gives amazing advice to bus drivers, students, and parents about the job of of school bus drivers and how important it is to be SAFE on the bus."

Lauren Knopf
Fifth Grade Student at 
Whitehall-Coplay School District